12 August 2015

A bright and sunshiney [baby shower] day

I mentioned (at least I think I mentioned, it’s all blurring together now) that Team P headed to Chicago a few weekends ago. Believe it or not, we were not there just to go to IKEA, though I wouldn’t put that past me. No, we were there for a far more important reason: a baby shower for Mr. P’s sister, hosted by his other sister and (ostensibly) me!

The shower was held at the home of the same sister who was largely responsible for the incredible 40th anniversary celebration as well as the shower for Baby P, so as you might expect, it was super project-filled! I cannot take credit for nearly any of it, so let me take the chance to show off her hard work today!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera (!!!) and also neglected to take any photos with my phone until after the guests arrived. BUT, thanks to my sister-in-law’s excellent Pinterest organization, I can provide links to additional resources! Just trust me that, even if there isn’t a close-up photo, her work was at least as cute.

The shower theme, for the record, was “You are my sunshine,” and all the décor was shades of yellow – perfect for a summery shower, and as well as for a baby who is, to date, gender unknown!

We start with the dandelion guestbook:

Originally spotted here. She also put wet-wipes by the guestbook for the ink on our fingers, because she is ultra thoughtful!

Near the entryway was this setup with super cute onesie advice cards, a nursery rhyme quiz game, and blue and pink clothespins for guests to wear and represent their gender guess.

To help guests out, Mr. P’s sister answered questions about old wives’ tales (a la this chart) – that’s what’s in the frame. But even knowing her answers, it seems that most women shower guests picked girl, and most men picked boy! Except Baby P. I offered him both bowls and he chose pink, ha!

Another great game was this due date calendar guess (spotted here, though I can’t find the original source!):

With both pink and blue ink, to work a gender guess in too! Oh, and my sister-in-law mentioned that after she created it, she realized that the due date isn’t what we guess (that’s decided by the baby’s growth!) – it’s the baby’s birthday. I think calling it a due date calendar makes plenty of sense, but just a thought if you wanted to make your own!

Oh, and don’t miss the adorable (homemade!) lemon hat and booties above. They were adapted from this apple pattern – just another way my sister-in-law is crazy resourceful!

I neglected to take photos of much of the décor, but I did remember to snap a photo of the diaper cake:

But don’t worry, there was real food, too. So much real food!

Every single bit of that food was made by Mr. P’s sister. She’s incredible! Even the food was on-theme.

Lemon whoopie pies, lemon squares, and chocolate-covered oreos. Amazing!

My single contribution wasn’t even edible – I made the table runner on the buffet for my sister-in-law to keep.

Beverages were also on-theme – and Pinterest-ready, in mason jars with stripey straws!

She also made not one, but two favors for guests. There were these cookie pops:

But also jars of lemon curd (idea here, recipe here)! I forgot to photograph them once they came out of the fridge, but trust me, they were impressive. And you’d better believe I’ve got a recipe for ours to share soon!

So clearly, if you want an adorable baby shower, your best bet is to make sure Mr. P’s sister hosts it. Not me – I mostly just showed up, and even then I only manage to get 50% of the men in my family dressed in on-theme clothing.

Don’t miss even more of my sister-in-law’s excellent ideas in the background – You Are My Sunshine sheet music, tassel garland, the invitation, and more!

I was running around too much to take many photos during the shower, but suffice to say that the new parents were showered with love and presents from the guests!

And Team P had a fantastic time spending the weekend with family, too. We may have spent the whole summer traveling, but it was worth it to see everyone as we all await the newest member of our extended family!

As of tomorrow, there’s just one more month until the littlest ray of sunshine is due to arrive! I am more excited every single day.


Richard said...

Thanks so much for this super remembrance.

Janice said...

The shower was so much fun. The decor was great but beyond all that, it was the people who were present in person, virtually and in spirit who made it so special. Can't wait for the newest addition to the extended family to arrive!

Becca said...

What a great shower! Your SIL is so talented! Your baby boy is so presh and could he be more photogenic!? I love her dining room wall color!