17 August 2015

Calling in sick

If I were a real blogger (I’ve spent the last four-plus years faking it), I’d schedule posts way far in advance. Because I’m not, I spent the weekend working like a mad lady on a huge backlog of projects and then, BAM! 4pm on Sunday I’m suddenly running a 102-degree fever.

Rather than edit a bunch of photos of my new rug or write a step-by-step of freezer cooking or discuss how today is my baaaaybeeee’s first day of “school” (GREAT TIMING) whilst in a fever dream, I think I am going to close my laptop and stay right here in bed. As a consolation prize, please accept this professional photo of my family taken in Wisconsin, which is honestly going to be more popular anyway.

See you Wednesday, with any luck!


Miranda said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Janice said...

Sure hope you are feeling better quickly. Sounded like his first day of "school" went well. Hurrah!