05 August 2015

Here, there, and everywhere (a.k.a. Summer 2015)

Okay okay I know I’ve been all “travel this, travel that” here lately, but it’s hard not to talk about it because THAT’S ALL I’VE DONE. I’ve had posts from my favorite shelter bloggers popping up in my feeds, which I’m reading sitting in this airport or that hotel room, and I think, “Haha, working on my home. What a fun and currently impractical idea.”

So I promise I’ll get back to blogging about projects and homemaking soon, very soon! But for today, it’s one last hurrah of the summer of nonstop travels. As everyone is gearing up for the start of school around the country, let me finish up my summer by talking about two more trips I took. The first was to Wisconsin, for a very special event!

My parents-in-law celebrated their 40th anniversary around Independence Day, so the whole family gathered at a vacation house for the holiday weekend. My sister-in-law is Martha Stewart-level of talented (at crafting and baking, not insider trading), and she was responsible for the fun decorations above!

As for how we spent our time, well, there was lots of chances for fun with grandparents – including presents for Baby P!

There were real presents in addition to tissue paper, though the paper itself is at least as fun as anything else we brought.

One highlight of our trip was a classic Wisconsin Dells boat tour. Baby P was prepared in a floppy hat and nautical stripes!

The rest of the family went for the scenic view on the deck, but Baby P, Mr. P, my mother-in-law, and I ended up staying in the shade in the lower level. Though we were still prepared with headgear!

The tour had shore excursions, so we got to see the famous Stand Rock (with a dog leaping the gap) and Witch’s Gulch (where the air temp was a solid ten degrees cooler).

But we mostly enjoyed our time on the boat! Even though Baby P missed a nap, he still had a great time with his grandma.

We also spend time in the touristy shops in the downtown, like this all-macaroni and cheese restaurant (YES PLEASE):

And the fudge shop, because all little touristy towns have a fudge shop:

Another highlight was attending Mass together as a family. Mr. P’s sister arranged with the church there for his family to present the gifts and for his parents to receive a special blessing at the end of Mass. What a lovely way to commemorate the occasion!

But we also enjoyed our time back at the house, grilling out for the holidays, sitting around the campfire, eating the delicious treats Mr. P’s sister made...

And having a very special anniversary dinner with my very special parents-in-law!

Right after I returned from Wisconsin, I re-packed my suitcase and headed to... Utah!

I went to Snowbird in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, and like most of my travels this summer, I was there for work. But I did get a few scenic photos, like the one above – which I took right outside my hotel window. Gorgeous!

Most of my time there was spent in the conference center in lectures, but I did take a bit of free time to ride the cable car up to the top of the mountain. If you look closely, you can see the conference center down at the bottom!

Funny story: the first night I was there, I went to a poster session, had a glass of wine, and promptly started to pass out any time I stood still more than two minutes. That made for a lot of abrupt (and awkward) interruptions to the poster presenters when I suddenly announced, “I’m sorry, I have to sit down RIGHT NOW” and ran away to sit with my head between my legs. After that happened a few times, my coworker asked if I thought I had altitude sickness. No way, I thought, we’re not high up enough for that... right?


Fortunately I was only ill that first night (and even then because I cavalierly drank that glass of wine). For the rest of the week, I was fine, and thoroughly enjoyed my time in Utah!

So that’s a glimpse of where I was running around this summer! There were more travels than that, including a worky trip to New York (that you’ll hear more about in January, just wait), as well as a fun trip to Chicago last week for... a baby shower! There were Martha-Stewart-level crafts involved, hint hint. More on that next week!


Janice said...

An All-Macaroni and Cheese restaurant in WI? Who would have thought! ha Looks like it was a lot of fun in WI. In spite of all the work related travel, I'm glad you've had a chance to get OUT of the conference rooms and see a bit of the surroundings. My conferences never allow that kind of opportunity. Poor conference planning in my field! ha It was great to see the 3 of you last weekend!

Mom and Dad P. said...

It was a wonderful weekend in Wisconsin. Besides the beautiful weather and super vacation home, the effort and love that went into planning and execution meant more than I can say. Love these pics; love these people.
Thanks for the memories.