21 August 2015

Photo Friday (barely) #217: back to school

Whew! Cliffhanger!

Sorry for that mention of being ill and then straight-up disappearing for a day. I’m here! I’m healthy, or at least somewhat healthier! My tardiness is simply due to Mr. P’s first week of school + Baby P’s first week of daycare + my first week of staph infection = one solidly and squarely kicked butt. We did manage a first-day-of-school photo for Baby P, in which his cute smile detracts from my fever and unwashed hair.

I will say this: this was a week in which every member of my family needed the others, and every member did their part. What a great family. High fives all around, Team P.


Tina said...

Yay! Way to go Team P!
So glad you're getting healthier!
And so glad I checked one last time before Friday is over. :-)