19 August 2015

Rug for a rugrat

I’m not quite 100% health-wise – as a matter of fact, that fever on Sunday has turned into a specialist appointment today, yikes – but I didn’t want to call in sick for a second time. So, while my fever is low-ish, I thought I’d write a short and sweet post (remember those?) about a fabulous find from my last IKEA visit.

These flatwoven, striped (!!!) SIGNE rugs caught my eye while browsing the IKEA website before our trip:

IKEA does basic textiles so so well, including the price:

Four dollars!! And because they’re reversible, that is like getting it for $2, if you are into rationalization math like me.

But you all know I’m not one to buy something unless I have a specific place for it, and I didn’t really see a need for a small rug anywhere in our apartment. Sigh. Oh well.

Until Mr. P reminded me that Baby P’s high chair still sits on carpet (the weird carpeted eat-in portion of our green green green kitchen). Considering how I am constantly living in fear that he will drop his raspberry-laden spoon, maybe, Mr. P suggested, we could find something at IKEA to put under his high chair? Like a cheap rug, maybe?

Ding ding ding!

Yes, because they’re so cheap, we splurged on two. The patterns line up quite nicely, actually!

And so much nicer to look at than a hard plastic sheet or, honestly, anything specifically marketed for the purpose (nooooo). Even the green stripes look nice and make me hate my green green green kitchen less!

We haven’t tried machine washing them yet, but honestly, who cares. These were specifically purchased to live under our kid’s high chair, and if they become irreversibly disgusting, we’re not even out ten bucks. And anyway, the sense of peace knowing that we won’t stain the carpet is priceless. Now I can eat dinner without constantly hunching over to pick up someone’s stray flecks of sweet potato before they harden into deposit-ruining permanent orange globs!

Who me? Yes, you.

Unfortunately, SIGNE rugs are only available in-store (which is probably for the best, given IKEA’s notoriously high shipping fees). But the next time I’m there – which could be very soon – I might have to break my rule and invent a reason to get more SIGNE rugs in my life! Surely there are other places in our apartment that require protection from Baby P?


Tina said...

Everytime I scroll through your blog and land on this last picture that does it. My day is made! :-)