07 September 2015

Holiday plans

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I’m usually not very good at taking these long weekends off from work, and indeed, I’m headed in to take care of a few things at the lab and do some work from home later in the day. But I can, at least, take a half-day from the blog, right?

Fortunately, when you’ve pretended to be a blogger for as long as I have, the archives are deep! And sometimes I forget what’s in there, so how about we take a look today? Perhaps there’s something you’d like to do this Labor Day!

You could clear out that stack of magazines and catalogs (I know you’ve got one) and save only your favorite images to an inspiration notebook.

You could spraypaint some fixtures that have been bugging you. Like perhaps those in your bathroom? Or your ceiling fan!

You could clean out your cabinets, or maybe your closets, or heck, your purse.

You could organize your drawers, like those that hold your jewelry or socks or craft supplies.

You could take care of one of those cleaning-sprucing-type jobs you’ve been putting off, like polishing your silver.

You could wander around your house and gather up all those things you’ve been meaning to throw out. (You usually need to more than once.)

Or, you know what? Get yourself some popsicles or ice cream (I like this peanut butter banana froyo!) and spend this horribly hot day laying on your sofa watching Netflix.

I won’t judge. Then you would do a better job than me of taking a holiday!