16 September 2015

Nursery tweaking

Sometimes, no matter how proud you are (cough, I am) of a project, it needs a redo. Such is the case with a few projects from Baby P’s room. On the whole, I am super pleased with how his nursery turned out! It had – and has – everything we all need for a comfy, peaceful, and happy space for him. But a few of the details, in practice, had to be adjusted. Since they were DIY projects to begin with – and some of my favorite ones, at that – it’s only right to tell you how I made the upgrades!

The first is Baby P’s calder mobile, the one I made from a Costa Rica souvenir and wax paper, because resourceful.

When I first made this, I suspended the stars with invisible thread, like so.

Tedious to work with, but the end result really was pretty!

And because the stars were just wax paper and not something delicate or dangerous, it wasn’t a problem if we knocked the mobile with our head – or Baby P’s head – when we reached in to get him out of his crib.

Except it was. Even though the metal loops on the mobile were very nearly closed, it seemed that anytime we bumped the mobile, a lightweight star’s loop of thread somehow came off. Inevitably the star fell behind the crib because we didn’t, you know, catch it and put it in our pocket (ehhh?). We were constantly searching for fallen stars and replacing them on the mobile. It was getting ridiculous, especially because I wanted this mobile to be safe and durable, and while the wax paper stars littering his crib weren’t unsafe, they definitely were a testament to lack of durability.

My mom lost patience with the falling stars first (remember, she nanny’d for us for two months), so she ended up redoing the mobile herself with jump rings:

I don’t have process shots as I was at work, but it’s (hopefully) as simple as using two jump rings per star and attaching with jewelry pliers.

The final result doesn’t have quite the same delicate, floating-on-air look that the invisible thread had, but not a single star has fallen off since. And that’s all that matters when my arms are full of baby!

Now if this were hung anyplace where I wasn’t going to bump into it regularly, the invisible thread wouldn’t have been a problem. But for durability? Jump rings are a must! Good think they cost pennies apiece.

The other project update is a bit more embarrassing, because I’ve already had to revise it once. I’m talking about the DIY crib skirt:

It’s just fabric panels, and I ultimately opted to Velcro them onto the crib frame (redo #1). When I added the Velcro, I made sure to only use half, because I knew I’d need the other half when it came time to lower the crib mattress. I figured I could just put a new piece of Velcro a little lower on the skirt and stick it back on the frame!

My reasoning for the Velcro was security for late-night crib-sheet changes. And yet, to date, I have changed the sheets in the middle of the night exactly zero times (that I can recall, at least). I realize I’m totally about to jinx myself, but Baby P is just a champion nighttime sleeper, and has yet to give me a reason to change his bedding at midnight.

And so. When it came time to lower the mattress for a growing kiddo...

I didn’t Velcro the sheet into place. Most of the crib skirt panels are now underneath the mattress, and there’s not a lot of overhang so the panels are less prone to fall off. If it becomes a problem (and it very well might, because I just jinxed myself), I could always use that second half of Velcro that I have! But in the meantime, this has worked just fine for the last month or two.

I confess, I kinda miss seeing the large crib skirt panels now that the mattress is lower – BUT it was still worth it to DIY. Despite all the tweaking, it really couldn’t have been easier. And at the same time, I sure am glad that I didn’t splurge on a fancy skirt! It’d be so frustrating to lower the mattress and discover that only a few inches of the expensive skirt could peek out Fabric panels are totally the way to go!

And thus, two items on my “need to update” list have been checked off! We live, we learn. Now for the other dozen DIY updates I need to tackle...