18 September 2015

Photo Friday #221: late bloomer

Because I’m a boring mom who drives her kid to daycare now, I no longer walk to work, and some days I miss that extra look around the world. Don’t get me wrong, I count myself fortunate to have the time to play with my kid each morning, and I definitely do not miss trudging miles in extreme weather. But part of me misses the random telephone pole notices, the sidewalk detritus, and of course, the foliage and flowers.

This is from our very own front yard, and it sure did take its sweet time to bloom this year. But hey, when your morning walk has been condensed to the length of a sidewalk, I’ll take what I can get.


Tina said...

Shoot! I'm glad you appreciate nature, but I've got roses. I was hoping for a picture of something else that's little and sweet this morning. ;-)

Janice said...

Don't forget on that walk down the sidewalk, to stop and SMELL that rose. :)