21 September 2015

The new and improved bathroom floor (finally)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the best reasons for keeping a blog is so I can write down and refer back to my ideas (and because it’s public, I’m held somewhat accountable to do them). Thanks to our high-maintenance little roommate, a lot of my housework these days is more focused on washing bottles and taking diapers out to the trash than tackling some of the decor-related projects. But I really do look back on list-making posts – especially the most recent apartmentiversary post – and try to check off a few items here and there.

Today I’m pleased to say I can finally check off an item that’s been on EVERY apartmentiversary post – that’s three straight years of not doing something. But now I can finally say that I’ve covered up our disgusting bathroom floors!

Perhaps from a distance, they’re not that terrible. But because I’ve lived with them for so long, my contempt for our bathroom floor is multi-faceted.

First of all, the quality. There are many lovely things about our apartment, but this floor is not: it’s peel-and-stick tile. I understand that trying to install ceramic or marble or any sort of tile that could crack in a third-floor apartment of a century-old house would likely be a fool’s errand. But still. All you guys with your gorgeous hex tile and your charcoal grout and your #ihavethisthingwithfloors hashtag? Jealous. I really am.

(To deepen my comtempt, it’s the exact same peel-and-stick tile as in our green green green kitchen. So really, the only good thing about it is that it’s not also green.)

Then there’s the color. I’ve already complained about the pink undertones clashing with the yellow undertones in the bathtub tile and wall paint.

And as if the quality and color weren’t bad enough, there is the fact that our bathroom floors are really scuffed up and cracked. No matter how much I clean, they look filthy all the time. Which means, in practice, I rarely clean because why even bother, so they actually ARE filthy.

I promise I had just cleaned for the photo above, though. The faux-veining in the tile hides some of it, but certainly not all, making it look like there is dirt and little hairs (!!!) all over the floor. EW. EW EW EWWWW.

Most annoyingly of all, the tiles are supposed to have a glossy coating that reflects light, at least when it’s not scuffed off. And wouldn’t you know, the tiny little bit of natural light this room gets was, of course, reflected right on this beat-up, faux-hairy surface.

Obviously, if we weren’t renting for the relatively short-term, I’d have pulled that tile up in year one and put in something, anything better. But instead, I’ve been on a years-long quixotic hunt for a bathroom rug with the right dimensions, appropriate for bathroom use (i.e. no high pile), with the right price for relatively short-term renters.

And you guys. You guys! I finally found one!

I nearly swore off Rugs USA after my annoying rug-that-wasn’t experience, but every so often, I’d check back in to see if they had something that was the right size, right material, and right price. Finally, I found it:

An indoor/outdoor rug (good for water!), the right size (2’7” by 5’), and an ok price ($40). The photo was crap, but the reviews were okay. And by golly, after three years, I am just sick of looking at our gross floors. ORDERED.

I confess I was mildly surprised when it actually showed up because yes, Rugs USA, I STILL have a bad taste in my mouth:

(Sorry for the less-than-skillful blurring of personal info, but the baby only naps for so long!)

It also looked fairly different from the photo – much darker, and far more textured.

And true to the one three-star review, it wasn’t great at laying flat (though it’s getting better). BUT. Was a clean, slightly wrinkly rug with yellowish undertones better than our floors? Oh em gee yes yes yes.

Usually I’m not a fan of spending money on “renter’s solutions” – those items that are fairly particular to the current renting situation, which is obviously temporary. But, I’m sure this rug can find a new home (indoors or outdoors) in our new home, whenever that will be. And in the meantime, no more light bouncing off our pink, peel-and-stick, faux-hairy floor!

We can all end the three-year-long gagging at my disgusting bathroom floors! YAY! (Next up: fix those counter skirt panels, because I know they were making your eyelid twitch.)


Tina said...

I like. :-)

Janice said...

We JUST finished redoing all the flooring in the house. The bathroom floors had wickedly ugly vinyl. How GRAY TILE with "never have to scrub" epoxy for the grouting. Yes, thank you. New carpet or new flooring, either way it makes the room look great. Glad you could find a carpet to go with the decor and be the right size!