07 October 2015

Bauble discombobulation, redux

On Monday I left you hanging with another closet project after the purge (my big secret: dragging it out as long as possible!), but today I’ll show you the after:

Sure, the closet looks nice again, as you might expect with space between the hangers and narrowing down the colors I wear even further. But see what’s on the doors? YES. Hanging necklaces!

Let’s back up. Once upon a time, back when I could treat Baby P’s nursery as my own personal dressing room, I organized all my jewelry in a dresser drawer. It was beautiful.

Yet somehow, even though I don’t think of myself as a big jewelry person, I seem to have accumulated a lot of jewelry since then. Which is not necessarily a problem, considering that I wear a necklace or bracelet (or both!) almost every day, and I rotate through them so I wear them all! But the system I’d created was already at capacity, and after it was relocated to the wardrobe in our room, it became jumbled and frustrating.

So I needed a solution, one that was preferably as cheap and fast as possible (story of all my projects right now). I figured I might as well take advantage of the inside of my closet doors and hang the necklaces there, in order to leave room in the divided boxes for bracelets and such. And as for what to hang them with... hey, remember when my aunt sent me all those command strips because I was terrified of our plaster walls?! I still have some!

I ended up using even more than what was shown above, effectively depleting my command strip stock. It’s about time!

First I pulled out the necklaces that I wanted to hang (which, I note, is not all of my necklaces. Like I said, I’ve amassed quite a collection!):

Roughly organized by length, weight, and color/metal. Things organized neatly-ish, yay!

By knowing how many piles I had, I could figure out how many hooks I’d need and how far apart to space them:

I also had to make sure that there wasn’t a hook jutting out right into the shelves inside. Just a small consideration if, freakily enough, you also have a BRIMNES and you’re hanging necklaces on the doors. Closet twins!

Honestly, I didn’t think that far ahead, and yet it worked out perfectly anyway. Whew!

Once all thirteen (!!!) hooks were up, I waited a few hours per the directions, then hung all those necklaces!

All the hooks have held so far, so the only downside is that it’s a little noisier when I open the doors now – and that’s only because I’ve forgotten they’re there. I’ll learn soon enough to stop flinching and open more slowly!

But wait, there’s more. Inspired by the necklaces and continuing my quest to reduce the hangers in my closet, I did this in the other closet for my belts. I only have three, but hey, let’s use all available back-of-door space!

At this point, I can’t even be bothered that the hooks aren’t all the same – they were on hand and ready to be used, and I have zero time and patience to be fussy about it. They’re functional and efficient, which are my current favorite things! Previously they were looped over a hanger; now they’re easy access:

It’s nothing groundbreaking, but goodness gracious am I happy about it. I prefer to have my clothes out where I can see them (I only keep undergarments in drawers!), so the more of my wardrobe I can see, the better! As it was, I’d forget that I had the perfect necklace to go with an outfit, but now that I can see them, I remember!

And importantly, it didn’t even need a fancy or expensive setup, which is sometimes my barrier to accomplishing anything. There are times for DIY fabric-covered Pinterest-worthy jewelry organizers – and goodness knows, I’ve had those times – and then there are times when you just need to GET. STUFF. DONE. I’m glad that this time I could take the easiest and fastest way out, and be just as happy with the result!


Janice said...

Yeah for Command hooks! Also great because they are not there for eternity. If you want to take them off, poof you take them off easily. But be sure to hold the hook or it will snap you in the hand an oh baby, that stings! Love the new set up. I have used these hooks all around the house from hanging PJ's on the back of doors to wreaths on wallpaper. Love the idea of using them for necklaces!