19 October 2015

Eats: easy chocolate hazelnut rolls

For all the pretty, stylized photos that real food bloggers show of their creations, there’s almost none of another creation: the mess in their kitchen. Dear readers, I do not have time for messes nowadays. It is all I can do just to keep the house from exploding into a glorious entropic disaster; doing something that intentionally makes a larger mess than necessary is just not in the cards.

And so while these chocolate hazelnut rolls from JtB looked amazing, I knew that homemade puff pastry had to generate lots of drips on the countertop and flour dusting the floor and oh, all those dirty mise en place bowls! There are too many baby bottle parts in my dishwasher to have room for eight dirty mise en place bowls. And I know it’s a sponsored post so the flour needs to be in the shot, but that big open bag of flour right by the edge of the countertop is just making me anxious only because of the time involved cleaning up a spilled bag of flour. I just can’t.

Instead, I adapted Joy’s recipe, and so today’s recipe yielded me exactly one dirty knife, one dirty spoon, and one muffin tin to wash. That’s it! Is it as tasty? Probably not. Does it matter? Considering I don’t have to clean up the mess, nope!

We start with thawed pre-made puff pastry. Mine is Pepperidge Farm, as basic as it comes, and leftover from the lemon raspberry tarlets.

I rolled it out on lightly floured parchment paper into a large rectangle, at least 8x12”. Joy says to keep it 1/4” thick, but mine was much thinner. I think it’s fine either way, honestly.

Then we need filling. Joy uses some swanky King Arthur hazelnut spread and chopped gourmet chocolate. I chose the poor man’s version:

Any excuse to use globs of nutella, right?

Spread it around and add a handful of chocolate on top. (Note my precise measurements: a “glob”, a “handful”. If I was more specific you’d have to dirty a measuring cup, and they’d probably turn out about the same.) I also found some sliced almonds in my freezer that didn’t get in the shot. Use what you got!

Then choose the longer end of the pastry and start rolling it up.

Once you have a log of filled puff pastry, slice it up into 1” rolls. I got 12 from mine (rolled out into a 12” square, remember). Then place them into a greased muffin tin:

Pop them into a 350-degree over for 30 min, until they’re flaky and gooey and delicious.

At this point, Joy whips up a quick glaze, but I knew these would be so sweet they’d make my teeth hurt, so I left them as-is. And besides, that would dirty up another bowl. I didn’t need that! I was done! And while I didn’t take a wide shot of my kitchen, rest assured that these were some of the simplest little rolls I’d ever made, such that I could enjoy them without a dozen dishes to wash!

But of course, now I’m inspired by all the things I could roll up in puff pastry. Some cinnamon and butterscotch chips, for fall? Cream cheese and crushed peppermint for Christmas? How about peanut butter, maple syrup, and bacon... for, well, anytime?! I’m wholeheartedly embracing the puff pastry roll for an easy dessert, snack, or (let’s be real here) breakfast. All the baking, none of the mess. Enjoy!


Janice said...

The possibilities are endless! Never would have though Nutella. Lovin' the idea and need to look into trying this one for the next gathering.

Tina said...

The idea of peanut butter, maple syrup, and bacon pushed me over the edge - Yum! Now if I can just readily find puff pastry here in Greenfield... ;-/