14 October 2015

IKEA and me, no longer long distance

It was a long wait, but...

It’s here! It’s open! I said it would never happen and then it DID! Now I can do more than covet the catalogues... I can drop by IKEA after work, no bigs. Which is exactly what we did last Friday!

Note Baby P all ready to go in, natch. Also, the first thing Mr. P said in the parking garage: “I smell cinnamon rolls.” That’s how you know you’re home.

In all honesty, we were a bit rushed for our first IKEA visit – we went during the Cardinals-Cubs game, which meant that the store was nice and clear of Cards fans, but my Cubs fan husband was missing the game too! So our trip was on the quick side, more of a scouting trip than anything (did you know IKEA sells a dozen types of wine glasses?!).

We did make sure to get dinner first, as lingonberry jam with meatballs is a can’t-miss:

I also hadn’t really appreciated how much IKEA caters to little ones. I knew about Småland, but I’d never noticed the island in the middle of the restaurant with plastic spoons and bowls, disposable bibs, and even a microwave (to warm milk, I presume). And of course, I’m tempted more than ever now to get a super-easy-to-clean IKEA chair for Baby P.

After dinner, I tried to make sense of the store map. Maybe other IKEAs do this and I hadn’t noticed, but our IKEA tries to adapt the store map into something that mimics the metrolink map. It kinda works, I guess?

The overhead signs use those “stop” numbers, too, which doesn’t seem very intuitive. To really understand and use it, I’ll have to study it a bit more (and of course I will, have you fully appreciated how much I love IKEA?!)

For this trip, though, we mostly just power walked through the whole thing. Of course, we did make time to enjoy the displays, like letting Baby P try out his own little chair:

And testing out a new bedroom situation.

Overall, the upstairs felt so different from the Bolingbrook IKEA I’m used to – I really thought all IKEAs must be alike (with the exception of the demonspawn octagon Schaumberg store, site of the crib-that-almost-wasn’t), but the STL IKEA has its own layout and order. The downstairs marketplace was also different than I expected, but I was nonetheless able to find my old favorites, like the sort of entertainment center I’ll crave forever and ever:

And new stuff, like this green metal and glass cabinet that I have no use for but adored nonetheless:

In the end, because the game was on (let’s go let’s go), we left only with towels... and ideas. It’s a good thing that Baby P spent literally the entire time bouncing in the cart and laughing, because while that may have been his first visit to STL IKEA, it certainly won’t be his last.

And thus, the long distance relationship comes to an end, the way long distance relationships rarely do... TOGETHER FOREVER!


Janice said...

Congrats on your new "drug of choice" opening! Watch out those IKEA stores are quite addicting. Often times you don't really know what you need until you're inside. Then you wonder, "How have I lived without this item?" ha Must say I am appropriately jealous of the store's location in relation to your home. I've still got a 3 hr drive to my closest one.

Tina said...

I am so excited for you!
Little did I dream back in the 70's when an IKEA catalog would arrive in the mail that someday I'd have a daughter with the same affinity as mine. I'd dream and drool for days, weeks, months about things I would love to have in my home that I could actually afford (well, some of the things...) but were basically unobtainable - unless I moved to Sweden! Lucky you!!!
Warning: Any future visits to St. Louis may require an extra day's boarding. ;-)