02 October 2015

Photo Friday #223: forty weeks

It’s official: Baby P’s been out wandering the world for longer than I carried him around inside me. In that time, he’s accomplished a lot, like teaching himself to crawl and feeding himself lunch at school (no more purees, yay!). He also has no time for laying still to have his photo taken, because there are things! to! do! Basically he is a big, independent kid who needs our help less and less every day.

It is awesome. He is awesome. High five, kiddo.


Janice said...

It's truly amazing how quickly they learn to do things on their own. Enjoy the journey!

Tina said...

He is soooooo precious - and that just came naturally. :-)

The Misadventuress said...

I love your comments as a lovely juxtaposition to the mourning that often happens when kiddos transition from one stage to the next. While I find myself with small twinges of missing certain things about our little one's infant phase, what I mostly feel is joy (and maybe a little relief??) as she takes on more independence and mastery of her world. High fives to you, Mom and Dad. Keep on keeping on.