21 October 2015

STL adventures: Grant's Farm

I showed you earlier this month that I uncharacteristically put out a holiday-themed decoration for Halloween, which is a total 180 from my previous stance that I’d only decorate for Christmas. And then recently I started entertaining the notion of visiting a pumpkin patch. I KNOW. I have never in my life felt a desire to attend a pumpkin patch, and then we got this tiny new roommate and I’m all “You know what we need? Pumpkins. Hay bales. OVERALLS.”

Ok, fine.

But let’s back up. We did not actually attend a pumpkin patch, as the nearest one seemed too far away to bother. When Baby P’s a bit older, sure, but for now, he wouldn’t particularly care about a bunch of pumpkins. So instead we took the opportunity for a family outing to visit someplace I hadn’t been for the better part of two decades: Grant’s Farm. It was a standby of my childhood visits to St. Louis, and best of all, it was fifteen minutes away from our front door.

So on a lovely, rather warm fall weekend, we went to check it out!

I’d hoped for a few more fall decorations, but the Halloween-specific photo ops were limited and kinda meh. That’s probably for the best, though, because there really was no need to turn our outing into a big photoshoot!

The very first thing you do at Grant’s Farm is board a tram that takes you around the perimeter of the property and eventually to the main area with the animals. Baby P wasn’t super interested at first.

But he eventually warmed up and got excited about seeing the animals. Apparently he’s learned what it means when we point toward something, which was a useful skill to have learned before this trip!

Note he started out sitting and eventually was kneeling halfway out of the tram. I was surprised how much he enjoyed it, honestly!

But that was nothing compared to what awaited him in the petting zoo. BABY GOATS. BABY GOATS HE COULD PAT AND PAT AND PAT.

I had a moment of only partially irrational mom panic that the goats were going to bite his fingers off or something, but they were sweet, and he was thrilled.

He was only moderately into the birds, including a big swooping owl (which I suggested would get him into character for his Halloween costume, hint hint):

And the camel and llamas were okay I guess.

But his favorite? ELEPHANTS.

I KNOW, kiddo! They’re usually my favorites, too.

After a quick run through the stables to see the horses (not the famous Clydesdales, though we saw those on our way in)...

We headed back to the tram and rode our way out. But we couldn’t leave entirely without the aforementioned pumpkin photos!

And perhaps one of my child attempting to eat twigs he grabbed off the ground.

(Don’t worry, Mr. P’s lightning fast reflexes stopped him, so he didn’t eat any dirt! Well, almost no dirt.)

In years to come, we might decide to drive out of the city and find a pumpkin patch for Baby P to run around in. But for this year, our little trip to Grant’s Farm was plenty fun – and I wouldn’t mind if it became our fall tradition instead!


Janice said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all! "Dirt, it's what's for dinner?" New campaign little guy? People think little ones are just sort of "blogs" existing in the world until preschool. Could not be more wrong. They are taking EVERYTHING in and learning so much. It's so much fun to watch them experience the world. I loved relearning and observing things through their wonder of it all.Kids really do stop and smell the roses far more than people over the age of 8!