09 November 2015

A very IKEA Christmas

I have plenty of reasons to be jealous of Canadians. Poutine, ice hockey, gender parity in government. But I am currently extremely jealous of Canadians because their Thanksgiving is in October. It’s over! They’ve already done that! And you know what? They can be excited for Christmas the second Halloween is over! I follow several Canadian bloggers, and they are already getting their holiday posts on. And not a single sanctimonious “but what about thaaaannnnksgiving, you’re not being graaaateful” moan dogging them.

And I so want to join them! I’m sure it’s because we had our holiday baby last year; part of me feels like we “missed Christmas” last year as we were so out of our usual routine, and then this year I’m ready to start celebrating his birthday and enjoying Christmas together.

So you know what? Today I’d like to feign Canadian citizenship and start talking about Christmas, no judgment. There’s only so many weeks between now and then, and I want to be ready to enjoy them all! And I’ve started my Christmas décor shopping at a familiar spot...

Yes. IKEA opened on the last day of September and I have been four times since then and I am not sorry, not even a little bit. Especially because IKEA has put out its Christmas décor, and I can’t wait to show you what I got! IKEA and CHRISTMAS, these are a few of my favorite things, sigh.

First things first: they have your standard Christmas garlands and tree-trimming gear. It’s made of molded plastic but is a comparable price to the sort of shredded-papery-plastic faux stuff. Nice enough for the price! I got some artificial pine and red bead garlands.

IKEA also has tons for gift wrapping. (You should visit their gift wrap page if only to spot the gift wrapped French horn, no joke. ) I only picked up this washi tape as I’m still in a brown paper packages phase. I think it’ll be nice to have year-round!

(Don’t mind those red spots, that’s just HFMD. Oh em geeeeeeee we cannot catch a break.)

I also really liked their paper goods for parties. They have a nice selection, but I stuck with just napkins and cups:

There’s plenty of winter/Christmas décor to be had, but I refrained from buying ALL THE THINGS and got this simple metal lighted tabletop display. I think it’s gorgeous! And I know just the spot for it.

But! There’s even more throughout the store that’s not designated for Christmas, but is perfect for holiday entertaining. For instance, this weighty metal “candle holder”:

I have no idea why it’s considered a candle holder when it’s 15” in diameter. I call that a serving platter. That’s exactly how I’ll use it, with a plate or a bit of parchment at the bottom!

They do come in smaller, more-candle-sized options, but I still see them as mini serving platters.

These, somewhat more sensically, are also considered candle holders. But I see them as cups for silverware, or perhaps planting an amaryllis bulb!

Then there’s the lanterns. IKEA, for whatever reason, sells a lot of lanterns. For $4, you pretty much can’t find them cheaper! I grabbed two for my winter décor.

But I also gave in to impulse and bought this...

What’s that? Oh, just a flat-packed giant lantern, as you do when you’re IKEA. Also without any sort of directions for assembly, because IKEA puts entirely too much faith in its shoppers!

Fortunately, with a little trial and error, I was able to assemble it. Try finding a lantern like this one, 10” in diameter and well over a foot tall, for $15 at a place like HomeGoods!

And finally, textiles. There are a few Christmas-specific releases, but my best finds are available year-round. One of the biggest steals is this 5x5’ red fleece blanket for FOUR DOLLARS.

Sure, it may not be the thickest, most luxurious throw in the world. But I mean. You cannot buy this much fleece at the fabric store for that price! This can easily serve as a tree skirt, a tablecloth, a play rug... heck, even gift wrap for a large item.

In part because of the plaid flannel trend, and in part because our summer travels have me fawning over Scandinavian décor, I had to have this black and white plaid bedspread.

But you know what? The twin size is exactly the same size as an oblong tablecloth, and it’s appropriately as thick. Tablecloth for the holidays, blanket for Baby P’s room later! I love it.

And though I didn’t buy any more recently, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you of IKEA’s sheepskins, faux (like mine) and otherwise...

I love mine year-round, but they are especially appropriate and cozy in the wintertime!

Okay! Whew. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I guess I can now go back to being a proud American, even if it means fries without gravy and a ridiculously late Thanksgiving holiday. But I seriously cannot WAIT to show you all this holiday décor in action.... SOON!


Tina said...

You've gotten me so excited! But I'm refraining until after Thanksgiving this year... I'm having bridge club before Thanksgiving and want to leave Fall decor in place until after that. Then Thanksgiving is really on us and I'll be looking forward to family coming home so much - too much to start Christmas decorating. So when everyone goes back home, I'll start. BUT I did not know IKEA had Christmas stuff! Wow! I love those metal trees, too! And with Christmas decor like that, I can slip right past January's Epiphany into the rest of winter without having to get in a big rush taking down Christmas stuff... Cool!

Janice said...

IKEA has some of the best stuff you didn't know you needed til you see it. I love the lanterns. Unfortunately, no place to put said lanterns. Oh the challenges we face. ha

Miranda said...

I have the giant white candle holder thing as a trashcan on my vanity. My used cotton balls feel so fancy!