04 November 2015

Fall family fun

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say again that sometimes it gets me down when I see all the unfinished projects around the house. I used to be so good at getting stuff done! And I had this blog as proof of my follow-through!

But then I realize what I was spending my time on instead of projects. It wasn’t sitting around the house, reading the internet and being lazy. No, it was going out and doing things as a family. As much as I love checking a box off my to-do list, I love spending time with my family more. And so, again, apologies for the lack of décor and organization and DIY. Instead, I’m telling you about all the fall fun I’ve had with my family!

I mentioned on Monday that Baby P’s daycare recently hosted a Grandparents’ Day. Our little lucky duck got to have all four grandparents come with him – my parents came up for a visit, and Mr. P’s parents stopped en route to Wisconsin (more on that in a minute). It sounded like the center was preparing for a big special day, and indeed it was!

One of Baby P’s teachers is super into storytelling and crafting, and so when I discovered this outside Baby P’s classroom, I knew she had to be responsible:

Note that it wasn’t there the night before, so you know how she spent her evening. And what made it extra special?

Baby P with each of his grandparents – all there to see him that day!

Because Mr. P and I were at work, we missed out on most of the fun, so I had to relive it through the photos my parents took (thanks, Mom!). So that is how I learned how the center had arranged for special activities, like a woman who played the guitar and led the kids in sing-along. I’ve seen video, and they were not exaggerating when they said Baby P “danced” (bounced) to the music for a solid half an hour.

(Dancing is serious bidness, clearly.)

There was also time for the usual play routine for the kids. There was outdoor playtime, and also Baby P got to show off his current favorite toy in the room.

But perhaps one of the most fun things was getting to go out to lunch afterwards with my parents and in-laws! It was too bad Mr. P was stuck at school, because it really was a fun time. Baby P’s grandparents hadn’t all been together since last January for his baptism, so it was lovely to get together again. (We should’ve taken a big group photo for the next Grandparents Day photo wall, oh well!)

After lunch, my parents headed back to Tennessee, and Mr. P’s parents instead traveled north. We followed them... to see Baby P’s new cousin!

Mr. P’s sister had a sweet little daughter last month, and this was our first time getting to meet her! She was precious, as expected, and inexplicably tiny. I told Mr. P then, and I still somewhat believe it now, that Baby P was never that tiny. Nope, impossible!

The occasion for heading north to meet her, though, was her baptism. So after a lovely afternoon at Mr. P’s sister’s house hanging out with family, we got all dressed up and headed to the church.

You mothers of daughters can get excited about ruffles and sparkles, but I will never stop squealing over BABY BLAZERS. Oh em gee.

The baptism itself took place after Saturday evening mass, and the whole extended family gathered around the font in the back for the ceremony. It was gorgeous and moving and a beautiful event for a beautiful girl.

Afterwards we headed to the basement for a reception. As if my sister- and brother-in-law hadn’t done enough by feeding us at their house that afternoon, they had sandwiches and cake for dinner! We loved the extra chance to visit with family that we only see a few times a year. We also took advantage of being dressed up to snag a family photo. Not too shabby!

And finally, was there some kind of big event last weekend? Hmm? OH RIGHT. Wanna see how I dressed my kid for his first Halloween?

Ok, just in case that’s not obvious enough: here’s Team P... P FOR POTTER.

Yes. BABY HARRY POTTER. With James and Lily! I figured that Baby Harry Potter (sans scar, duh, his parents are alive for this happy family Halloween) would probably not wear wizard robes, and instead found him a sleeper in Gryffindor maroon. My mom made him a precious hat (with owls!) and matching scarf in Gryffindor gold, which I especially appreciated given how cold and damp it was on Halloween. We also got him the smallest size wizard glasses we could find, which were hilariously too big, but he kept them on his face the whole time anyway! His stuffed owl played the part of Baby Hedwig, which is probably not canonically correct, but I wanted to make sure people could figure out who he was.

And oh, they did, at the neighborhood Halloween parade! That’s where the photo above was taken – see the horse and puppets in the background? Baby P loved seeing all the other kids and costumes, and the older kids and parents LOVED his costume (seriously, a sweet teenage girl wanted our photo just because she loves Harry Potter so much). The parade and events will be even more fun next year when he’s a bit older, but honestly, I was delighted enough this year for the both of us.

Unfortunately it rained here on Halloween evening, so we sat out on trick-or-treating – I kinda dreaded being those parents getting candy on behalf of their kid, anyway. So instead, Baby HP stayed in with a Halloween bib made especially by my mom:

I admit, it’s true what they say about holidays being more fun with kids.

So I might still look around and bemoan all the projects I didn’t accomplish at home this past month... but a post like this shows me that my time was well-spent, if not better spent, this way. Family time = best project. So be it!


Tina said...

I'm so happy you're happy about family time! In about 17 more years, you'll have time for those projects - sometimes too much time, even. And then if you're blessed like I've been, you'll get a grandchild to love and enjoy. And in 12 more years, get another one!!! Just perfect! Seems like a long time to wait, but it really isn't. ;-)

Janice said...

"Dust and cobwebs go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep." It's a great saying that far too often we moms forget to take to heart. The projects will be there but little ones grow quickly. Enjoy the family time. You're right, holidays are a lot of fun with family but with kids it's extra fun. To see the day through their eyes is truly a reminder of how special life is each day. I kept looking for the "like" button on each segment of today's blog post. ha