11 November 2015

Free write

I’m a big believer in handwriting for both form and function – hand-addressed wedding invitations, handwritten thank-you notes, even handwriting out my to-do lists and schedules (that way I remember them better!). So it’s a little ironic that I’m showing you a way to get around that today, but at least it’s with another one of my favorite things: FONTS. I figure, with the Christmas season coming, some of you want to easy-peasy your gift tags and mail-merge your way through your holiday cards. You don’t want to write it out? No judgment! I am here to help!

Indeed, there are tons of handwriting fonts out there (there are literally thousands here, just for starters). But if you’re going to type up those things, maybe you could add a personal touch by creating a font that looks like your own handwriting?! Yes! And it is 100% absolutely no-strings-attached free! And safe (well, as safe as digitizing your handwriting could be, I suppose). And requires zero knowledge of how one actually makes a font, which was the most important thing to me.

The key equipment you need? Besides a pen and paper, you need a printer and scanner – and myscriptfont.com. That website gives you a template sheet, which you print out. Then just fill in your letters (a big black marker is best):

It’s hard to see the gray guide lines within the boxes, but I promise there are some to keep your letters within the suggested bounds.

You can decide how many of the symbols you want to use in the optional section at the bottom (I only did a few). And of course, you could fill in whatever you want, for any character. Smiley faces? Snowflakes? Squiggles? Just remember that you set them to “left parenthesis” or whatever, and you can write whatever you want.

Then... scan it back in (as an image file or PDF) and upload it to the website. A few minutes later, and...

Personalized font creation success!

I admit, this first pass was like the uncanny valley of fonts. It looks enough like my handwriting, so much that it is my handwriting, but it’s also not quite right. I apparently write individual letters differently than the way I do within words, meaning the letters look right while the words look wrong. In theory I could keep trying and re-writing to make one that truly looks like my actual handwriting... but this one is close enough to be fun!

I’ve used it a few times around the website (most notably in the top photo here, where I inexplicably thought it was a year from now but was/am too lazy to correct). And though I’ll probably still hand-address our Christmas cards and fill in gift tags by hand, I wanted to share for your holiday projects!


Tina said...

So cool! It looks like your writing to me, too.
Thanks for sharing!