25 November 2015

love gratitude is, actually, all around

Per usual, I’m taking today on the blog to reflect on those things for which I’m particularly thankful. And you know? I was stymied. Not because I don’t have much for which to be grateful – totally the opposite! But I feel like I write these posts about the same things. So I thought this year I’d expand beyond the usual (most recently written about here, but also here and here) and consider even more things for which I am grateful.

I’m grateful for my kid’s wonderful daycare teachers.

I’m not gonna lie, there are so many times that I think, well if I’m doing it wrong, at least he’s getting it right most of his days with his teachers there.

I’m grateful for some big career successes this year.

I’m grateful for excellent healthcare right by our home (featuring this unrelated giant metal chicken).

It’s not ever fun to go to the children’s hospital, but when we needed it, it was there. Thank goodness for that.

I’m grateful for being able to explore places I honestly never thought I’d see.

I’m grateful they built an IKEA by me. I mean... well, it’s true.

I’m grateful for the gift of faith and sharing it with others.

In the last year, I gained not one, but two coworkers who attend the same church as me and we can have church-y discussions at work. It’s lovely.

I’m grateful that I have been getting full nights of sleep almost every night for the last five months – or at least, if I didn’t, it wasn’t because of this guy.

That is not trivial.

I’m grateful for recently re-discovering Sesame Street.

You guys, it is even better than I remembered.

And... oh, who am I kidding. I can’t help it. I am grateful for my family, this year and every year, no matter how uncreative that may be. I love them all, immediate and extended... but especially these two.

I’ve mentioned before that amazing career-related things tend to happen around Thanksgiving, and well, I feel some more coming on with respect to all these job interviews. It just happens this time of the year. I’m crazy busy, working hard, and then something incredible happens for which I’m grateful.

But that’s not the point this year. The point is, if I stop and look at what’s already in front of me, I could be grateful for practically everything, not just those recent successes or things that I always count as my blessings. So let’s do just that. Here’s to taking a step back from the busy-ness, putting aside anxiety, and simply reflecting on all the good in life – and here’s to doing that more than once per year.