30 November 2015

My Favorite Things, November 2015

Happy official start to the holiday season! I know, your belly is only just now recovering from Thanksgiving, and you have to suddenly buy eleventy million Christmas presents and decorate your home in fresh greenery in between all the holiday parties and travel coordination. I get it. I so get it.

You probably don’t have time to futz around on the internet today, but just in case you need a break from the insanity, I thought I might as well tell you about...

Let’s prolong the downtime just a bit with...

Good reads

Last month I had Benghazi explained like I’m five years old, this month it’s ISIS. This is an old-ish article from March, but in the wake of the horrific Paris shootings, perhaps it’s time we all make sure we’re caught up.

And for a bit of domestic terrorism, let’s consider this online practice of “swatting”. It’s the intersection of two issues in the news recently: misogyny in the online gaming communities, and the militarization of local police forces. If you think having the police called to your house is a harmless prank (like I did), you might learn otherwise from this article.

Ugh, how about some good news instead? Try this article about IKEA’s prefab housing for refugees. And here I was just excited about their curtains and cinnamon rolls.

We knew the end was near when Grant, Tory, and Kari were cut, but it’s now official: Mythbusters is at its end. Here’s an ode to the show and how it ostensibly ushered in the era of fact-checking.

Finally, have you ever watched any Kid President videos? The kid is adorable, for sure, but I love him all the more after learning his backstory (not the least because he’s from my old stomping grounds). Goodness gracious, what a world this would be if we were all more like Robby.

Around the house

Maggie Mason recently posted a roundup of “recipes” that everyone should have in their arsenal (though, the point is, they aren’t even really recipes so much as “things you can just cook”). Great for spot-checking or expanding your weeknight dinner repertoire!

Apartment Therapy has a list of pro tips for what not to do when decluttering your home. It’s nothing groundbreaking – which they admit themselves – but I always appreciate the reminders.

And then there was this pizza cleanse. Oh my goodness, how I want to pizza cleanse. (Take home messages: lots of bloat, ultimately lost weight, every restriction-based “cleanse” is silly.)

This month’s maps

Two collections this month!

The first is ten maps that will change how you view the world (or so it claims). I just love the real-time weather map, but I’ll not comment further on the preventable disease outbreaks map. No wait I will: vaccinate!

The second has maps of the US based on relatively trivial things, like accents and most hated sports teams. Perspectives of my countrymen!

Movie stuff

A two-fer of movie trivia and quiz: Guess the movies based on its color scheme. I fared reasonably well, but I especially liked learning more about how the artist defined the colors. See more of his work (and the process in action!) here.

And of course, I wouldn’t be talking about movies without a Harry Potter reference. Here’s a rundown of what some former Hogwarts students are up to.

Finally, lots of...

Fun stuff

Usually I won’t bother with any slideshow that insists on reloading the page with tons of ads (actually, I have little patience with slideshows in general) but I made an exception for this collection of 18 pictures that make you do a double-take. Some are photoshopped, some are real, and some I’ve seen a few times before, but they’re nonetheless a fun little diversion.

Did you see the Irish dad who filmed his Vegas trip with the camera the wrong way? Oh, Dad.

Honestly, it’s rare that I truly laugh out loud while reading something on the internet. But this ten-month-old’s letter to Santa? OMG SPOT ON. I snorted so hard my eyes welled up with tears.

One night when Mr. P was at a tournament with his students, Baby P and I had a delightful dinner spent watching Postmodern Jukebox videos. If you’ve never gotten into them, I highly recommend binging on what they have to offer. But I especially wanted to endorse a recent addition: PMJ performs Rihanna’s Umbrella. So much yes!

Another video well worth your time? This mashup of dancing scenes from old films set to Uptown Funk. I literally squealed with delight at 2:28.

And finally, a bunch of gifs of kids being kids. I am so excited for what’s to come with Baby P, because it will be hilarious.

Okay, back to the reality of holiday season madness! Here we go!


Janice said...

One of the toughest parts of parenting is trying NOT to laugh at what your kids do/say at times. The first video clip would be one of those times. Nothing earth shattering but willing to bet if someone laughed, the kid would be mortified. However far more often, the parent is NOT the one laughing because they have to clean up the mess, pick up the pieces, etc. It's a great ride, you're going to love it each step of the way.

Tina said...

Annnnd, in addition to Janice's comment, what does parenting call for when their child's grandparents/relatives are smiling/laughing at everything their absolutely adorable child does - even when it's not so adorable??? Hmmmm... let me know when you have this one figured out. ha!