13 November 2015

Photo Friday #229: having a ball

Somehow, with all the travels and family and workity work work, I believe I neglected to mention the morning I spent in a giant ball pit.

My longtime friend M came to visit with her husband and three little girls, and their quick but delightful visit was one of the high points from last month. I have almost no photos to show from it, but that just means I spent the day being present and talking and listening without snapping away. Then again, I also have a video of three little girls and one baby boy with the giggles, which could make even the surliest grump laugh out loud. Good friends, good fun, good times.


Janice said...

That's a SERIOUS ball pit! Those balls are 5x larger than I have ever seen. So glad you all were able to get together, put work on hold, and enjoy the day.

Miranda said...

And we didn't even go to IKEA, so you know we visited just because we love you guys! ;)