21 December 2015

Little P's party: the decorations

By now, everyone is certain to be in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT – and why wouldn’t they big, with the holiday this week?! And here I am, talking about my kid’s birthday party. Well. Fortunately for us all, his birthday party theme is perfect for all your last-minute Christmas crafts!

Yes, the DIY burlap banner was made for a pun-themed birthday party! Oh, all right, a wintry-themed one, too. (Just be glad I didn’t hang up a photo of Christopher Walken captioned “Walken in a Winter ONEderland” because double pun points!)

When people first walked in to the party, they had the chance to sign a guestbook of sorts. This is an idea I totally stole from my sister-in-law – she picks a book similar to the party theme, and has all the party guests sign it! I chose this beautiful mini pop-up book by Robert Sabuda – perfectly sized and plenty of space for family and friends to write in it! (I almost hated to disrupt the art, but what is a book if not enjoyed and made memorable, right?)

I also framed the invitation, which was my ONE concession to blue and white, because even though it was a wintry theme I did not want blue and white. There’s tons of Frozen-themed blue and white birthday party gear, and I snobbily rejected ALL OF IT. I wanted more white, plaid, cozy-ski-lodge vibe over snowflakes and ice. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to execute the sort of invitation I envisioned (because JOB INTERVIEWS) so I modified this one from Shutterfly instead. It worked! Guests were invited! That’s all that matters.

Also, note that soft glow? Because what would a wintry party be without twinkle lights?!

And what’s that in the background? Why, the weekly photo garland I told you about!

This was a ton of work (obviously, a year’s worth!) but it ended up so great – just as I’d hoped, our guests spent time looking at the photos and seeing Little P go from his earliest days...

To the most recent weeks!

Also, you may have noticed above that yes, the Christmas tree has a place of prominence in the party. How could it not, in December? But I did try to make it feel separate and focused on Little P as much as possible, even if his birthday presents were literally under the tree!

My hope is that he always thinks of Christmas as a special time of year for extra celebration, not something to begrudge for being near his birthday. So that’s why I incorporated as much “winter” décor as possible, to really work toward a special ONEderland for this holiday baby!

In addition to the photo garland, I also hung a bunch of stuff personalized with Little P’s name, which I can’t really show you (privacy!). But I can give you a peep at the wreaths I DIY’d to put Little P’s initials on the doors. (And you can see the framed photo of Baby P in the background!)

The supplies for those wreaths were total impulse buys – I was in Michaels for who knows what, and I walked out with the clearance wreath frames and snowflake ribbon. The mini tinsel garland came from Target. I ended up loving these so much that I’m tempted to have a wintry party every year to justify using them!

And finally, a favor for this pun winter-themed birthday: DIY s’mores! Each bag was packed with half a Hershey’s bar, one jumbo marshmallow, and two of these genius graham crackers (they are already square!). And I designed that label myself.

I did not, however, assemble them. That credit goes to my mom, who showed up a few days early and helped with party prep! Goodness knows I needed it.

So even though we were blessed/cursed with a 70-degree December day, I hope the decorations got people in the wintry spirit, at least enough to celebrate in our ONEderland! Now I just need to start working on puns that include “two”...