11 December 2015

Photo Friday #233: the mist

Earlier this week I sat in an airport terminal for four hours before giving up and driving six hours in a rented car to a job interview. Because FOG.

Everyone at the interview was quite sympathetic, but I explained that it wasn’t so bad; it was better than sitting helpless at the airport, and besides, traffic wasn’t bad at all. It’s only later that I realized that’s because for most of the drive I couldn’t see anything else. An adventure, indeed.


Janice said...

I live in an area that gets fog OFTEN. It's so bad they even delay the start of the school day up to 3 hours sometimes. Glad you made it safely though.

Tina said...

Oh. Honey. Did not even think how far praying for travel mercies might have to extend... And, of course, am only now learning this. =I