18 December 2015

Photo Friday #234: birthday boy

I’ve established here that I’m fond of the birthday weekend, or even the birthday week. Little P is not exempt.

So far he’s only learned the signs for things like “more” and “hungry” and “sleep”, but if he knew “cupcake”, I wouldn’t be able to resist... even at breakfast. Celebrate!


Janice said...

Cupcake? Easy Take your hand and bend all 5 fingers into a "claw" type handshape. Turn your non-dominant hand, palm up. Place the "claw" handshape onto your palm tapping twice with the fingertips of the "claw" handshape. Tah, dah! CUPCAKE!

Then again, that MIGHT be one you want to save for later. "Change" is a good one now so he can let you know when a diaper change is requested ha ha