07 December 2015

The weekly photo project

Now that we’re a week into December, I’m starting to be more reflective about this past year. I didn’t make a bunch of resolutions for 2015 because, hello, I had a two-week-old and couldn’t plan when I’d eat or sleep. But I wrote down a few things to try to accomplish, and one of those things was a photo of my kid in a white onesie every single week.

Back then I said it felt like such an ordeal to take a photo each week, and for a while there... it was. It totally was. Remember that I refused to take weekly belly shots during pregnancy because so much effort? Yeah. I was not sure how on earth I was going to keep it up for 52 straight weeks.

In the beginning it took forever to get a smile out of him (though when he flashed one, it was worth it). Then it was impossible to get him interested in anything other than his toes for a solid month. THEN he learned how to roll over and it officially became a two person job.

Summer travels were another beast. We definitely didn’t get to take his photo each and every SUNDAY, specifically, so some weeks I had to remember to get his photo before work on Monday or Friday. And for Oslo? I was not about to pack a faux sheepskin, so while I got his photo in a onesie there, I had to attempt to photoshop him into the background with his blocks after the fact.

Lately Baby P has started to light up and giggle when I get out the sheepskins for his photos, which is great for a smiley baby, but impossible to actually photograph him when it’s funny to try to roll away or grab his blocks. For every week, there are at least a dozen outtakes.

Oh yeah, and I realized sometime in the 30s that our blocks can’t make every number between 1 and 52. Cue photoshop, again!

But despite all the obstacles and my whining about it, YES, we did get a photo taken every week and YES, I actually managed to edit all of them (thanks to a marathon session over Thanksgiving). And now, here we are...

Still with the toes. But hey! 51 down, one to go!

To celebrate the near-completion of this project, I decided to have all these photos printed out for Baby P’s upcoming birthday party. As part of that marathon editing session over Thanksgiving, I created a bunch of JPGs with two photos apiece, perfectly sized for 4x6 printing. Then I just uploaded to Walgreens for in-store pickup and got all 50 photos I’d taken (to that point) for cheap.

All I had to do was get out my trusty paper-cutter and trim each photo away from the white middle section. That way I had my 50 mini-portraits!

I confess, when I started taking those photos around this time last year, I had no idea what I’d actually do with all of them (besides feel satisfied for champion momming). I figured I would just be glad to have them, and indeed, I am. It is just incredible to spread out these photos and see him turn from a wriggling tiny thing to a joyful little boy. And so I’m extra happy to report that these prints are getting a feature at the party! Here’s a preview:

More on the party planning later!

For now... I cannot believe we stuck with it, you guys. Go Team P! High fives all around!


Mechelle Dyer said...

That's awesome and would be a flip great book :)